Apr 122012

Baseball America has released its latest transaction post, covering the period of April 6-9. In-season, this is mostly a fail-safe for my daily visit to each league’s transaction page (let’s just say I’ve memorized the three-digit codes in the URL include, okay?) and I consider it a good week when I’ve already reported on every move. But as some of you may have seen on Twitter, MiLB.com isn’t always timely when it comes to roster moves and often skips releases and signings. It’s even worse in the offseason.

Without further ado…
OF Tony Nix — 50th Round Pick in 2011 Draft who had his contract voided for undisclosed reasons.
Click here to see his page on the
DC is For Baseball’s 2011 Nats Draft Info blog.

2B Manny Mayorson

C Devin Ivany

  2 Responses to “Transaction Update”

  1. Need a new category on the big board: Golf game reserve in Florida … 😉

  2. I am ridiculously happy that the mystery of Tony Nix has finally been solved.

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