Apr 272012

Mick Reinhard of the Central PA-based The Sports Burger is reporting that RHP Pat Lehman has been promoted from Harrisburg to Syracuse, a move that has also been tweeted on Twitter with some, um, enthusiasm.

Taking his place on the Harrisburg roster will be RHP Ryan Tatusko, who has been in Extended Spring Training (subject of his latest blog post), which has been confirmed. The corresponding move for the Syracuse roster has not yet been made public, but as always, when that information comes to light, this post will be updated.

As reported this morning in the News & Notes, Hagerstown LHP Kyln Turnbull is expected to be activated from the 7-Day DL, which will require a player to be taken off the roster to make room. Like the Chiefs, neither move has yet been reported officially via MiLB.com or other media.

UPDATE: As you already know, Bryce Harper will be recalled, which appears to be the move that will make room for Lehman. As expected, Turnbull was activated from the Suns’ 7-Day DL, with Wirkin “For The Weekend” Estevez assigned to the Auburn Doubledays to make room for him on the Hagerstown roster.

  5 Responses to “Pat Lehman Promoted To Syracuse”

  1. Is there an injury waiting to be announced in Syracuse, or could this be an indication that R Zim is heading to the DL and someone is on a flight from Syracuse to LA today?

    • All of the above. Unfortunately, with the Chiefs game having been called, we’re unlikely to hear much until tomorrow.

  2. Also hearing that Ryan Perry was recalled to Washington from Syracuse. So I guess another move is coming. Wonder what is coming the other way?

  3. Here’s the answer:
    RT @acomak: According to a source, Brad Lidge is going on the disabled list w an abdominal strain. That is the corresponding move for Ry …

  4. Bryce Harper going to Washington to replace Zimmerman who’s on the 15-day DL

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