Apr 192012

The Harrisburg Senators have announced that C Jeff Howell has been assigned to the Syracuse Chiefs. Replacing him on the roster is C James Skelton, who has been reassigned from the Potomac Nationals.

Both the Chiefs and the Senators have full rosters. Potomac is now back to 24, one below the limit of 25. It would appear that with the recent injury to IF Brent Greer, another move is forthcoming as my speculation that Skelton may used as a backup IF was wrong.

As before, should another move be made soon, look for an update in this space.

UPDATE: C Beau Seabury has been activated from the DL (H/T to SpringfieldFan), bringing the active Potomac roster to 25. It’s doubtful, however, that Potomac will carry three catchers, so the guess here is that someone will be reassigned shortly.

  8 Responses to “Catcher Shuffle”

  1. Could Potomac be where they send Negrych?

  2. Are these just backup players? Is there a recognizable improvement in the quality of life between AAA and AA?


  3. I like your analyses. Can you expand on the overall player-development picture? Where do you see incremental improvement?
    We have all tried to follow the payoff for paying over slot, especially in 2011. Purke looks like he still needs nursing along. Goodwin was injured the last time I checked. Rendon, who arguably had the highest ceiling in the 2011 draft, scares me with his continued propensity for injury. I think we can be patient with Mayer, who has been inconsistent, because– with his tall frame — it may take time for him to gain command.

    • I’m not much for covering the Draft because I’m generally knee-deep in day-to-day coverage, but I’m working with others in the Natmosphere to get a guest piece done next month.

      This is a transitional year for the Nats because it’s the first where they’ll be picking from the middle of the pack in several years. The days of paying over slot are gone because the new CBA has essentially eliminated that strategy, so teams that scout well are going to have put their money where their mouths are, so to, um, speak.

      I expect Goodwin to be back soon, but am prepared for Rendon to be be out much longer. That’s not a known, just a suspicion. Speaking of the highest ceiling (physically ;-), Meyer is a project and Nats fans are going to have to be patient. As I put in the player capsule, there’s always the “out” of converting him into a late-inning reliever, but I’m fine with the Nats taking 2-3 dozen starts to see if he can make it as a SP before making him Storen’s heir apparent.

      Finally, the “incremental” remark was in reference to the player’s personal living situation, not the farm system itself.

  4. Seabury’s back from the DL. Potomac DL back down to single digits for now.

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