Mar 192012

Today is the only scheduled day off for the Nationals spring training. I was originally going to run these photos — courtesy of Andrew Lang, a.k.a. @Allstars_S2 on Twitter, and [plug][/plug] on the web — last Monday but decided to save them for today, to keep the site “fresh.”

In a perfect world, this would probably be the time I’d be going to Viera: after St. Patrick’s Day, after a couple rounds of cuts, and of course, after the excitement of a new grocery store in town had died down. But as the litany of wails over gambling gone bad the upsets in the NCAA tourney suggest, this ain’t a perfect world.

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Do you know how we might obtain the Spring Training stats from Syracuse’s games though the end of the month?


    • Stats aren’t for the minor-league games aren’t released to the public, and sometimes, not even kept. The games are treated more like scrimmages (example: letting an MLB player hit in every inning as a pseudorehab).

      If last year is any guide, we’ll get a few Twitter updates here and there, perhaps a story from a prospect guru (though I believe most of them have come and gone to Arizona) and if we’re lucky, one or two features from the DC beat guys, but day-to-day coverage ain’t in the cards.

  2. Nothing like a new grocery store in town to get the seniors in Viera pumped up. 🙂

  3. Good pics, Luke.

  4. Bryce Harper dips?

  5. Not that I really care about it, but doesn’t the new CBA have language regarding the prohibition of all tobacco products on their person or uniform? While in Viera I saw more than one dip can in back pockets….

  6. we’re watching the minors, hard to really keep track of everyone as both low and high A play at the same time, generally fields back to back. then AA and AAA play the same arrangement. we watched A levels and AA games so far. most of Potomac guys are split between high A games and AA. its fun seeing guys like Curran again. Like Luke mentioned, scores don’t mean anything, just hitting, base stealing and pitching. of course bad fielding stands out like a sore thumb! weather is hot and sunny.

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