Jan 052012

With the close of the Venzuelan League’s regular season, we can now take a look at the final numbers of the Nationals players in the 2011-12 winter leagues.







Now if some of these names look unfamiliar, remember that they include some of the minor-league FA signings from last month. As mentioned in the comments, I’m expecting a post from BA shortly that will include the Dan Cortes signing, which some of you have noted along with some familiar names hooking on elsewhere, but I’m more interested to see who got let go. That’s because it gives us a little hint as to how the rosters will be set in late March by virtue of eliminating certain possibilities. As always, I hope to see the departed names when I do my sweep of the indy-league rosters in May and June.

  7 Responses to “Final Winter League Update”

  1. You can knock Zenicola off the roster … 2nd violation and 50 games suspension.

    • Ouch, sadly that is the end of his career. Explains the good numbers

      • Actually, it’s for a “drug of abuse” (most likely: marijuana) — a 2nd offense for PEDs is 100 games. I believe the Nationals are required to put him on the restricted list, but I’d be shocked if he weren’t released on the morning after Syracuse plays its 50th game.

        • Yeah, still wonder why anyone would ruin their career with something stupid like that. Zinicola had a shot at the majors, and I doubt he still has that chance

  2. Wow. Another one bites the dust. Who are going to be the pitchers in Syracuse next year?

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