Aug 202011

Reporting from the road office in lovely Mahwah, New Jersey… A few transactions not noted previously.

• IF Tug Hulett activated
• IF Adam Fox returned to Harrisburg

• OF Bryce Harper placed on 7-Day DL
• C Miguel Perez placed on 7-Day DL
• C Devin Ivany activated from 7-Day DL

• Bryan Harper assigned from Washington
• Randolph Oduber assigned from Hagerstown

  3 Responses to “Transaction Update”

  1. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what TBRFan finds out about Oduber, maybe just stashing him fir a few games.

  2. After being out with an injury for nearly two months, I’d think they’re just rehabbibg him at a lower level.

  3. I should hear something about him being there tomorrow. Friends with the host family who houses him while he’s in Hagerstown, so I should be able to find out the scoop. My instinct is that a.) he’s needing more rehab time, b.) the outfield is full at Hagerstown – and with only a few games left, it’s easier to leave him in FLA for an extended period.

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