May 202011

In the thankless task of keeping up with transactions, here are the ones that we’ve missed since our last “catch up.”

Saskuel Herrera (DSL Nationals)
Boomer Whiting (Syracuse Chiefs)

Rob Wort (Potomac)
Pat Lehman (Potomac)
Pat McCoy (Harrisburg)

C Brian Peacock (Potomac)
RHP Rafael Martin (Potomac)

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  1. Sue,
    Why was Tatusko promoted to Syracuse for three days and not used, and then demoted back to Harrisburg?

  2. It was a paper move; he never set foot in Syracuse. The maneuver basically enabled the organization to activate Roark, put him on the Harrisburg Roster, then activate Perez without being more than a pitcher short in either Harrisburg or Syracuse. Remember this coincided with Kimball’s callup and an Eastern League offday.

  3. I see Kevin Keyes in the lineup for Hagerstown, tonight.

    Called up from xst?

  4. Going to the Texas – Texas A&M game Saturday night, are there any potential future Nats to look out for?

    • We drafted the entire Longhorn outfield, and none of them have done anything so far.

      They are: 7th Round — Kevin Keyes
      21st Round — Connor Rowe
      24th Round — Russ Moldenhauer

      The best ‘what if’ story has to be Moldenhauer, as he was drafted in the 3rd round by the Angels in 2006 and didn’t sign. You get the feeling the Nats spent a lot of time trying to get Keyes into shape, as he got fat before his Junior year. Kelso, 12th round out of U of Houston, has already passed him so the clock is ticking.

      • Plus Martinson from down in the road at Tx State, Nats like central Tx guys. I figure I’ll see someone they draft in June at the game tomorrow night.

    • Here are some names eligible for the Draft – the potential 1st rounders, Jungman & Stilson, probably pitched on Friday night, though.

      A preseason list

      gave these names:

      Sam Stafford , LHP , Texas
      Cole Green , P , Texas
      Taylor Jungmann , RHP , Texas
      John Stilson , rhp , Texas A&M
      Brandon Loy , SS , Texas
      Keifer Nuncio , RHP , Texas

      • PS – Jungmann and Stilson did not pitch last night, so you may be in luck

        Eligible for 2012 Draft:

        Hoby Milner , P , Texas
        Joshua Urban , P , Texas
        Tyler Naquin, of, Texas A & M
        Krey Bratsen , OF , Texas A and M
        Michael Wacha , SP , Texas A&M

  5. Both Lehman and McCoy were their team’s “closers” (or at least being used that way periodically)… I wonder if we’re going to finally see the promotion of Manno to at least take over in Potomac (coincided perhaps by Martin’s promotion to AA)?

  6. Sue – do you know what Wort’s injury was? Thought he may be a sleeper after last yr.

    • I don’t know about the injury (if there was one) and I thought he’d be further along than he is now, too, but he’s lost his feel for the strike zone.

  7. Thanks!

  8. […] implosion to blow a game in which Martis had pitched pretty well.  This was apparently enough to put McCoy onto the DL.  Are we close to seeing Potomac’s Patrick Lehman moved up?  Perhaps not for a bit […]

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