Apr 122011

The Harrisburg Senators have announced that Derek Norris will be placed on the disabled list, effective immediately. Taking his place on the roster will be Potomac National Brian Peacock. Devin Ivany will be the starting catcher in Game One of tonight’s doubleheader between Harrisburg and New Britain.

Watch for this space for further information as the ripple effect of transactions has not been located yet. The most likely scenario is that Sam Palace will be activated from the Hagerstown DL and sent to Potomac.

MiLB.com is reporting that Jeremy Mayo has been activated from XST (technically, assigned from the GCL Nationals to Potomac). It is not known whether he will have traveled to Woodbridge in time for tonight’s games.

  14 Responses to “Derek Norris Injured; Brian Peacock Gets The Call”

  1. Wow, Peacock finally escapes Hi-A!

  2. wow Mr. Potomac Brian Peacock gets to see what its like in Harrisburg

  3. I am starting to worry that Derek Norris is made of glass.

  4. Derek Norris is not Nick Johnson, Derek Norris is not Nick Johnson, Derek Norris is not Nick Johnson…

    Come on everybody, join in with me.

    • Well, Ryan Tatusko may be a good pitcher, but he will have to go back to school for his medical degree.


      • Now I’m even more baffled. He was healthy enough to play today but he had to leave the game. I’ll be real interested to see the Harrisburg’s gamer about what actually went on here.

        • No he was never healthy enough to play today — the Senators mistakenly announced him in the lineup before correcting their mistake. But in the interim, folks retweeted the former but not the latter.

  5. Hooray for Brian Peacock! Yeah, either Palace or Miguel Perez (if he’s still in the system) would be the most likely replacements at Potomac.

  6. Why is it always our best players who get hurt–Zimmerman, Strasburg, Zimmermann, Norris, Flores, etc–or does it just seem that way?

  7. guys injuries are part of the game and some are just not durable, i think Norris will be fine but needs to seek some type of trainer that really does some preventive type of work,.

  8. Norris was running to first and he hit the bag wrong and did something to his leg foot ankle, but so far he sure has shown nothing as a player in the Burg. Everyone keeps forgetting until you play well in AA you aint nothing, but just another ball player.

  9. Drat. Hopefully when I get to see Harrisburg later in the season, Derek Norris SHOULD be healthy.
    God, DON’T let anything happen to Bryce Harper. I may be seeing him Friday in Hagerstown.
    And finally…”Derek Norris is NOT Nick Johnson. Derek Norris is NOT Nick Johnson…”

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