Apr 222011

Let’s see if we can following the bouncing ball, shall we?

Yesterday, Jesus Flores was optioned to Syracuse. Today, Brian Bixler was recalled from Syracuse. Due to the rainout on Friday, the corresponding DFA move does not have to be made until tomorrow.
UPDATE: Garrett Mock has been placed on the 7-day DL. Replacing him on the Chiefs roster is IF Tug Hulett.
UPDATE #2: Lee Hyde has been designated for assignment.

Taking Bixler’s place on the Syracuse roster is RHP Jeff Mandel, who was assigned from Harrisburg to Syracuse this afternoon.

Taking Mandel’s place on the Harrisburg roster is RHP Carlos Martinez, who was also assigned from Potomac to Harrisburg this afternoon.

Taking Martinez’s place on the Potomac roster is LHP Evan Bronson, who was assigned from XST to Potomac.

OF Eury Perez was placed on the 7-Day DL, replaced by OF J.R. Higley from XST. UPDATE: According to one of our readers, Perez was involved in a collision at first base on Monday

  10 Responses to “Catching Up On Transactions”

  1. Or to quote a tweet sent to Khudak11: Cupcakes rule everyone else drools.

  2. Say what – Carlos Martinez was promoted? I mean, I understand a RP for a RP at Harrisburg, but that’s just a butt on the bench, imo. Wow.

    Bronson coming back to Potomac is probably a good thing, as it could bump Caldera out of the rotation & into a long relief spot in the b’pen.

    With Bixler becoming the official promotion to fill Flores’ spot in the 25-man, the only shoe left to drop is who catches the DFA; Mock, Gaudin, Coffey, or Severino are all possible candidates.
    Also, can I retract my random speculation regarding promoting a pitcher over Bixler from the last string?

  3. Who needs a chessboard when we have the transaction wire and all its ripple effects.

  4. What happened to Eury Perez?

  5. Sorry for leaving off the second half, which was wondering if the DL was just a ‘mental break’ to stop the pressing at the plate.

    • Perez tripped on the bag running to 1st and collided with the Frederick 1st baseman.

      • Thanks for the update. When the teams are on the road, we’re at the mercy of the local press or opposing team’s PR staff, which generally won’t mention injuries unless someone is carted off the field. Had I not had parental obligations, I might have made it to at least one of those Frederick games.

  6. Carlos Martinez = Undeserved promotion. Maybe they will promote him to H’burg and then just release him.

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