Apr 152011

As many have noted in the comments, there seems to be several players that are in limbo — neither released nor appearing on any roster. The latest minor-league transactions (April 6-12 from Baseball America sheds a little light on the mystery. Ordinarily, I omit the moves I’ve already reported, but this is more complete rehash so that folks can see the swim-through necessary to do this.

RHP Hector Nelo

C’s Adian Nieto, Sean Rooney

RHPs Patrick Arnold, Rafael Martin, Shairon Martis, Dean Weaver, Zech Zinicola
LHPs Jack McGeary, Oliver Perez, Atahualpa Severino, Sammy Solis
C’s Derek Norris, Sam Palace
2B Matt Antonelli
IF-OF Justin Bloxom

C Miguel Perez
OF Roger Bernadina (since reinstated)

I checked on the transaction logs for the entire system this morning and the only previously unreported move is not really in our niche, but Henry Rodriguez has finished his rehab stint in Harrisburg and is beginning another in Syracuse. Some quick takes from the above…

…Nelo is a 24-year-old that was released from the Texas organization with a career 5.17 ERA in 102 games (9 starts)

…As BA themselves put it, the 7-Day DL is being liberally for the purposes of making the rosters. Chances are this is also the case for Tanner Roark.

…As previously reported, Adrian Nieto is serving a 50-game suspension for a PED infraction.

…The placement of Sean Rooney on the restricted list is pretty customary for a guy that declares retirement, a move that essentially reserves him in case he changes his mind.

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  1. I think they are going to the change the old school game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” to “Where in the World is Tanner Roark?”

    The follow-up question to this post is do we know what injuries any of the DL guys have?

  2. Also of note newly released RHP Fabian Robinson was suspended by MLB 25 games for banned substances. Usually 25 games means amphetimines etc. instead of steroids.

    I remember some people were surprised he was released, I suspect he might have been on the fence and the Nats just decided to let him go rather than deal with it. I know some of you saw him las year in Potomac.

  3. Does anyone know what Zinicola, McGeary, and Severino’s injuries are?

    • McGeary is recovering from TJ surgery, but Severino, Zinicola and Martis’s injuries appear to be much, much milder.

    • Read somewhere that Zinicola had off-season foot surgery, & McGeary is coming back from TJ, IIRC. Severino, I’m not sure about.

  4. Meanwhile,

    Apparently, the bleacher report is thinking along similar lines when it comes to Tom Milone:


    Noting the effect he appears to have had on a certain starting lefty named Ross Detwiler. This part of Rizzo’s master plan I really like. Its when they get into
    Giggleman’s hands that everything seems to go awry.

  5. Its uncanny how much Milone looks like Lannan … physically they look almost like brothers?

    • I’m not sure how you get that. Lannan is much taller and leaner. They pitch similarly, though, I’ll grant you that with Lannan having a better curve and Milone having better control.

  6. Sue_D: Thanks for doing the heavy-lifting on this post – much appreciated. The Hector Nelo signing strikes me as a bit of a curosity – a 25yo RHRP, with what seem to be less than remarkable numbers, who has never pitched above high A; I’m puzzled.

    BA cleared a few questions this week regarding where some of the bodies are stashed, but there are still others MIA – Testa, Bronson, Roark, Moldenhauer, Higley, & Cuevas in particular.

  7. Nelo must go back to TEX days with Doug Harris….I am officially starting a countdown to Michael Purke drafting…LOL!!! sad about the 18 year old Guillen. any other word about the crop there in Boca Chica???

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