Mar 042011

A day sooner than expected, the Nationals announced that three pitchers have been sent to minor-league camp…

  • Shairon Martis
  • Matt Chico
  • Joe Bisenius

While Martis and Chico each pitched an inning this week, Bisenius was sent down without any appearances. All three had been removed from the 40-man roster this past offseason. Now they will be presumably battling for a position on the Syracuse staff, which is not necessarily a given with the influx of talent from Harrisburg (e.g. Tom Milone, Ryan Tatusko) and contending relievers such as Adam Carr and Cole Kimball.

  9 Responses to “Three Pitchers Reassigned To Minor-League Camp”

  1. Yes, the Syracuse roster will be interesting prospect wise.
    Marerro starting another game at first base … LaRoche’s
    sore shoulder creating opportunity. Trade possibilities? Still
    seem to need more prospects for the farms?

  2. Not news on these three guys. Martis should be glad that he at least got to pitch in a big league camp game. Bisenius and Chico were not so fortunate.

  3. Get it together, Hague!
    “Wang showed a good breaking ball at times, and wasn’t helped by rookie shortstop Rick Hague, who made two errors in the simulated game.”
    From the Goessling Game:

  4. I’m impressed with Marrero. His defense appears to be really solid.

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