Jan 102011

As mentioned last week, I’ve been building some pages to give more detail on our Watchlist players.

If you’ll look to your right, you’ll see a link for Watchlist and Player Reports under “Resources” (here’s the link if you’re viewing this on a mobile device). I decided on “player reports” so as not to oversell what I’ve done here. If there’s a recent scouting report available, I’ve condensed it and added my opinions. If there isn’t, I’ve written a summary about the player and how he made it onto our “radar.”

I’ve built the pitcher pages, but an holding back on them until the 2011 books come out. There are 49 pitchers on our list and I can probably “scout” about 10 of them from this past season. My hope is to put the best (and latest) info available, since pitchers are often the most volatile players and the most anticipated as well.

Sorry for the slowdown, but it’s mother[loving] January.

  9 Responses to “Watchlist With Player Reports Added”

  1. I like the photo above with the levitating glove coming out of the umpire’s armpit. LOL

    Thanks for the link above too 😉

  2. eyes on the Texas Longhorn trioka especially Russell Moldenhauer.
    eyes of Texas? |LOL

  3. What an outstanding list. Can’t say enough about how impressed with how you’ve managed to take Brian’s baton and run with it in your own style.

  4. Thanks, Sue. Great stuff. It’s time to start getting excited for 2011!

  5. Thanks, I like the way you designed it. I’ve followed you for awhile and your site keeps getting better and better.

  6. Why make the assumption we think its slow? IN fact it came out awfully fast? Really fast.

    You may be raising expectations for your future endeavors? ~laughing~

  7. I think you forgot brett Mooneyham. Pitcher of the year at his level in 2013 but pretty much unable to pitch last year because of injuries. He looks better than I’ve seen him in years and is ready to go. Should be interesting to see how he plays injury free for once in a long time.

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