Dec 162010

Baseball America released its weekly transaction report after yesterday morning’s post, so I’ll pass this along with some commentary. Some of these were referenced in the comments of yesterday’s post, but to put ’em all in one place (and recycle a visual pun)…

  • Re-signed RHP Joe Bisenius
  • Signed IF-OF Buck Coats
  • Signed OF Archie Gilbert
  • Signed OF Jonathan Van Every

Coats is a 28-year-old utility guy that has gotten three cups of coffee with the Cubs, Reds, and Jays from ’06 to ’08 and has a career .294/.352/.407 line at the AAA level. Gilbert is a 27-year-old CF speedster (57 in ’10) with little power and mediocre fielding stats (career .979, strictly as an OF). Van Every is a 31-year-old OF that’s been stalled in the Boston system, with a skill set that’s similar to Justin Maxwell.

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  1. The minor league transactions typically amount to very little, but I really enjoy the thought process behind gathering up four-A players for Syracuse

    • Welcome back, Mr. Oliver! (And thanks for keeping the NFA site up so long after walking away – even with my size 13s, I’ve needed it to follow in your footsteps).

      It’s clear that Rizzo likes ’em fast and athletic – even with Jewett gone, I expect Knorr to have a running ballcub in ’11; when he had guys that could run at Potomac, he let ’em run (Jewett would run ’em whether they could or not, resulting in a couple of UGLY 7-5 putouts on Chris Marrero). Hope the kids have been good for you in Year 1 of your new adventure.

    • When Brian drops by, it’s like one of those mystical voices from the mountaintop encouraging the hero on his quest.

  2. Hi Sue,

    Just a word to say how much I appreciate the informations you regularly bring to the fans. The content of your blog is original and well writtent. As an Expos fans since their begining, I am now a Nationals addict! I am a French Canadian, so, I apologize if my English is not the most fluent on the planet 😉

    • Noirelune — Welcome to the group, we’re glad you’re with us. You’re English is better than my French, so who’s gonna complain.

  3. I’m glad that we resigned Bisenius. Another form of high velocity bullpen depth. He made a lot of progress in a short amount of time and attracted Rizzo’s notice enough to earn his cup of coffee. Bet that cup of coffee helped show other teams he wasn’t but so worth their time with a big league contract and earned his loyalty that it was worth accepting our AAA offer. Chiefs will be able to use him. Also, might this be another sign that Rizzo expects Kimball and/or Carr to make the big club despite the presence of Ramirez.

    And of course the 3M dollar question: what does this mean for Josh Wilkie? Wilkamania must not die!

  4. If Van Every is a J-Max clone, could this mean that J-Max’s days are short with the organization!?

  5. Wow, Brian, Sue and Souldrummer all on one post…cool. Nice pick ups for the ‘Cuse…my 2 cents on J-Max…He needs to go somewhere else and I don’t mean that in a mean way. He just needs to leave the Nats farm system and have a go at it in another system.

  6. It seems pretty clear from looking at Rizzo’s moves and “non-moves”. He very much prefers power arms in his bullpen. In other words Bisensius. Likely why Josh Wilkie has yet to get his cup of coffee, no Ron Vilone, Beimel, and letting Peralta go. He seems to be aggressive about collecting power arms to add to his inventory.

    Its a good strategy if you are bereft of top of the rotation starting pitching?

    Good to see NFA Brian!

    Wonder which arms Rizzo is asking for from the Athletics for Willingham?

  7. Looks like you might be adding two more prospects from the A’s?

  8. Brian,

    I hope all is going well and that Nardos isn’t causing you any problems. I used to work at Mt. V.

    Good luck!

  9. Looks like Syracuse has a second baseman to tandem with Bixler in Matt Antonelli.

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